Sunday, June 2, 2013


We always say the Little Black Dress is the #1 Must Have Piece in every woman's closet, then it follows a Trench Coat, Skinny Jeans and, and, and. Well, I totally agree, but what is about with the Little White Dress? In my opinion I would say, both kind of dresses are the women's #1 Must Have Pieces. I was told that the Little Black Dress is so important, because you can create lots of different outfits. Well, I think so you can do with the Little White Dress, especially in summer.

But as it is this year's summer trend, I like to wear my Little White Dress just simple enough, nothing more added. But what I like even more, is this classic contrast "Black and W..." No, let's say "White and Black".

As you might tell from the title, it's the second post of the project I worked with my (talented) friend Nick. As these pictures were taken on the same day, I had a lot of fun working with him. He gives so much energy and passion into his hobby, which is so motivated. Because I can tell you, how freezing cold it was that day. However, I don't regret it, especially when I look at the pictures.

XOXO - Alessandra Morena


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Dress - Zara (similar here)
Hat -  H&M 
Clutch - DKNY (similar here)
Shoes - Massimo Dutti (similar here)
Sunglasses - Vougue
Lipstick - Estée Lauder in Nr. 60 Fuchsia Fever


  1. These picitures are gorgeous! I love the dress and clutch!

  2. What a lovely dress you're wearing! I love the combination of white and black and your hat is just awesome!

  3. You're really pretty! R u a model?

    Sorry, don't have a Google Account

    xxx Cara

  4. Wow! Really pretty!

  5. You remind me of Kate Winslet as Rose in Titanic. Probably because of your hat, LOL!

    x Diane

  6. you look fabulous and so classy